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Be cool to yourself. Be cool to others. Lower your expectations for what you think life should bring and be grateful for what you have. Treat people with respect. Say “no thanks” to things you feel obligated to say “definitely” to. Don’t drink too much, it’s bad for your health. Don’t smoke nicotine products, it’s smelly and bad for your health and it doesn’t relax you (even if you think it does). You’re only satisfying the craving you’ve developed for more nicotine. I used to smoke cigs. I quit over 2 years ago; best thing I’ve ever done. Worst thing I’ve ever done: smoked cigs. 2nd worst thing I’ve done is none of your business. We all have baggage. Let it go. If you have a dog, don’t feed it chocolate, it’s bad for the dog’s health. If you’re listening to something your friend doesn’t like, change it to something you both like. If you can’t find anything you both like, turn off the music. Sometimes silence is scary to people because it forces them to have to face others, or worse, themselves; the noise in their heads. That’s understandable, but also an indicator that it might be a good idea to deal with all that noise by getting help. This website has helpful information on getting free or affordable therapy: https://www.goodtherapy.org/learn-about-free-counseling-and-affordable-therapy-options.html Best thing I’ve ever done (aside from ditching the smokes): therapy.

Don’t fret about the little things so much. Life has all sorts of obstacles and challenges. Everybody gets hurt. Some lives are more difficult than others. Accept it. I know it’s easier said than done, but I think it’s helpful to hear. Have a nice day,

-Dan, Lonely Benson