Happy New Year

My lovelies,

2019 is bound to be my most prolific year yet. I already have my hands in a few different projects; the first of which you’ll hear is a collaboration project with some synth-geek friends of mine from Nashville. I don’t want to spoil it; I’ll just say this - we’re looking at some filthy-ass grooves, and some clean-ass ones too, all swimming in an ocean of analog synthesisers and effected out guitars and vocals. I’m excited about this project. We’re aiming for a March release.

A few other things to mention:

Mixing & Production: I’ll also be embarking on producing and mixing music for other artists. If you're a musician who needs your music recorded or mixed, let me know. I’ll be offering discounted rates to the first few bands/artists I work with, so contact me soon if you’re interested.

Reduced Prices: I reduced the prices of everything in my online store indefinitely. You can now get a the first pressing of my self-titled record on vinyl for just $15. I’m making peanuts for profit on these, but I want you guys to have the vinyl, because it creates a different vibe when you pop a record on the turntable.

Video: I got a gimbal for Christmas. Woo! In an effort to better connect with my listeners, my little sister will be helping me create video updates and live YouTube performances. If you’re not already subscribed to my channel on YouTube you can do so here: YouTube.com/user/lonelybensonmusic

Thank you for a great 2018. Your continued support has made it possible for me to continue doing what I love - creating music for your enjoyment.

To 2019!

-Dan, Lonely Benson

Daniel Young